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Meet the DREAM team

Active Faculty in Condensed Matter Experiment

Shirley ChiangScanning Probe Microscopy studies of material surfaces

Nicholas CurroNuclear magnetic resonance in strongly correlated materials

Valentin TaufourDesign, synthesis, and study of novel electronic and magnetic materials

Inna VishikHigh-resolution angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy and ultrafast optical studies of quantum materials

Dong YuOptoelectronics of semiconductor nanostructures

Xiangdong Zhu: Optical studies of time-reversal symmetry breaking effects in quantum materials

Rena ZieveLow-temperature physics (quantum critical behavior, superfluid helium, vortices in superconductors), granular matter

Emeritus Faculty

Lawrence ColemanFar infrared spectroscopy, phase transitions in solids, and structure-property relationships

Linton CorrucciniLow-temperature magnetism of dipolar and/or frustrated systems